The Effect of Brainstorming as a Pre-writing Strategy on EFL Advanced Learners’ Writing Ability

Zahra Hashempour, Mohammad Rostampour, Fatemeh Behjat


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using brainstorming and its subcategories (listing, question and answer, outlining) as a pre-writing strategy. Participants of the study were 60 Iranian EFL advanced learners who were both male and female. Instruments of the study were pretest, instruction, posttest and a questionnaire at the end of the treatment in order to measure the attitude of students toward instruction. Results of the study revealed that there was not any significant relationship between brainstorming, its subcategories and EFL learners writing development. In addition, findings showed that there was not any significant difference between males and females in terms of using brainstorming and the three subcategories.


brainstorming, instruction, listing, outlining, question and answer, pre-writing strategies

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