EFL Learners' Attitudes and Perceptions about an Effective English Language Teacher

Rasa Faramarz Zadeh


Learning a foreign language requires mental, emotional and social interaction between teachers and learners. In the process of language learning, learners are as responsible as teachers and they can impose their own attitude toward effective teaching and also can improve teachers' profession. The present study attempts to investigate learners' perceptions and attitudes about effective teaching. The participants of this study are EFL learners from different language institutes in Tabriz who were requested to complete the questionnaire related to their ideas about effective EFL teachers. This questionnaire contains questions about different aspects of effective teacher including relational factors, environmental dynamic, knowledge of language, common standards, performance assessment, and classroom planning. The obtained findings revealed that all of these components are important in effective teaching from EFL learners' point of view.


attitudes, perceptions, effective language teacher, EFL learners

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