The Effect of Teachers' Reflection and Experience on Their Creativity: A Case Study of Language Institutes in Eghlid and Abadeh Cities

Zahra Rezaei Fard, Mohammad Reza Talebinezhad, Mojtaba Eghlidi


The study of creativity and reflectivity has been of great interest to educationalists in general and language teaching practitioners in particular. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between teacher's reflection and experience on their creativity in language institutes. To this end, 80 teachers were selected randomly from different language institutes based on some criteria: level of teaching, degree, gender. The participants were asked to complete two sets of standard questionnaires during the study. Reflectivity questionnaire was developed by Kurt and Atamturk (2012) in the form of 5 point Likert scale, the reliability of which was found to be .84. Creativity questionnaire was developed by Khani and Boghayeri (2014).  Data analysis and statistical calculations revealed that there was a significant relationship between the teachers’ reflectivity and creativity. Also, there was a significant relationship between reflectivity and creativity as well as teachers’ years of experience.


Creativity; Reflectivity; Experience; Teachers

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