The Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers’ Reflection and Critical Pedagogy

Fateme Ghasemi, Farahnaz Abedini


The present study was designed to find the relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ reflection and critical pedagogy. To this end, 158 EFL teachers from different high schools and institutes in Shiraz and Marvdasht took part in this study. The researcher utilized two instruments including Critical Pedagogy Questionnaire, and English Language Teacher Reflective Inventory (ELTRI). By running Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression analyses, the findings showed that there was a statistically significant relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ reflation and critical pedagogy. Moreover, critical pedagogy was able to predict the variance in teachers’ reflection. Besides, the other independent variable, teaching experience and gender, did not have any role in the variance observed in the teachers’ reflection.


critical pedagogy, teacher reflective, teaching experience, gender

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