Investigating Object Relation Theory in Ian Mcewan’s Selected Novel ‘Nutshell’ From the Perspective of Melanie Klein

Fatemeh Jalali


Object Relations Theory is a theory of relationships between people, in particular within a family and especially between the mother and her child.  In present study, we study the object relation theory in Ian McEwan’s selected novel, Nutshell (2016) from the perspective of Melanie Klein. McEwan’s narrative is sardonic, his characters are of few words and many disclosed intentions. In the context of object relations theory, the term "objects" refers not to inanimate entities but to significant others with whom an individual relates, usually one's mother, father, or primary caregiver. In present study, we investigates concepts of "good object" and "bad object". The good object which then arrives is not the object which did not arrive. Likewise, the infant who destroyed the bad object is not the infant who loves the good object.


object relations theory, Melanie Klein, Nutshell, Ian McEwan

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