The Impact of YouTube on Improving Secondary School Students’ Speaking Skills: English Language Teachers’ Perspectives

Fahad Saud Albahlal


The study aimed to identify English language teachers’ perceptions on using YouTube in developing speaking skills and their attitudes towards YouTube usage as well as the best ways to use YouTube. In order to achieve these goals, the descriptive analytical approach was employed and the researcher designed a questionnaire as the data collection tool. The sample of the study comprised (40) Saudi EFL male English language teachers in Riyadh city. The results showed that English language teachers have positive perceptions of using YouTube to develop speaking skills. They expressed that YouTube videos help students guess the meaning of unfamiliar words and improve their speaking skills. Also, it was shown that YouTube videos lower the students’ anxiety, help students learn faster, and retain the students’ attention during the class. Furthermore, the results showed that there are different ways to use YouTube in the class such as using YouTube to ask students to mention some points or details they see in the vides and to give chances to the students to give information, comment, discuss, and understand the material. The researcher recommended that language teachers should use YouTube videos while teaching speaking.


YouTube, Speaking, EFL, English Teachers, Secondary School

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