Washback Effect of IELTS on Iranian Learners’ Perspectives ‎on IELTS Preparation Courses ‎

Hossein Siahpoosh, Matin Ramak, Behnam Javandel


The present study was an attempt to investigate the washback effect of IELTS on learners’ perspectives and expectations of IELTS preparation courses in Iran. Thirty Iranian learners (20 IELTS students and 10 non-IELTS students) were randomly selected and asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning their expectations of a desired IELTS writing course. Then, the total scores of the groups were compared. The results of the study revealed the negative washback of IELTS on the learners’ perspectives toward the relevant courses and make them develop some expectations regarding teaching method, materials taught, course design, etc. The findings also indicated no difference between the two groups in terms of perspectives of the courses.


expectations, high-stakes test, IELTS, washback ‎

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