The Effect of Literature-response Activities on the Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency of Iranian EFL Learners’ L2 Oral Productions

Zahra Shiriyan, Dariush Nejadansari


This study aimed at investigating the effects of literature-response activities on oral production of Iranian EFL learners, focusing on complexity, accuracy and fluency. The participants of this study were 40 female EFL learners in a language center in Iran. They were divided into two groups (n=20) ,one experimental and other control group. Some pieces of short literature reading texts with interesting content and with appropriate readability were given to the experimental group in order to motivate them to think and talk about their  similar experiences. On the other hand, non-literary was studied by students. ANCOVA tests revealed that literature-based activities improved the complexity, accuracy and fluency of Iranian EFL learners’ oral performance. The findings of this study had several pedagogical implications which might be beneficial for teachers, EFL learners, materials developers, and curriculum designers.


literature-based activities, complexity, accuracy, fluency, L2 oral production

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