The Impact of Decision-making Technique on Saudi EFL Learners' Writing Skill

Sara Soliman Alkhodhiry


This study was conducted to see the impact of decision-making technique on Saudi EFL learners' writing skill. The aim of this study is to find out a good solution for improving the students' writing. Most of Saudi EFL learners have problems in writing and they are not motivated in writing. This study was applied on 20 students of intermediate school in Saudi. In order to collect data, the researcher used a pre-post-test of writing and a pre-post-questionnaire. After that, the researcher used a particular rubric to analyze students' writing and collected their answers of the questionnaire and compared them. The results showed that the students performed better when they had the chance to make a decision. Decision-making technique makes improvements in EFL learners' writing skills. 


decision-making technique, Saudi EFL learners, writing skill

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