The Effect of Using Tablets on EFL Learners' Vocabulary Acquisition and their Attitudes toward Them

Dyala Al-Omari, Ali Farhan AbuSeileek


This research purposed to investigate the effect of using tablets for acquiring vocabulary for EFL sixth grade students. Therefore, 38 students were divided into two groups (experimental and control); each group included 19 sixth grade students from Khadem Al-Haraman Mixed Secondary School during the first semester of the academic year 2022/2023. The experimental group was taught using tablets while the control group was taught using regular instruction. Students took a pre-test exam and after 8 weeks a post-test was administered for them to confirm whether they had any developments in their vocabulary acquisition after the experiment and determine if tablet devices had an effect on their vocabulary achievement. The results of this study revealed that there were statistically significant differences in students' vocabulary acquisition and its aspects when using tablet, and students felt happy and had positive attitude toward using tablets in their English vocabulary classes.


students' attitude, tablets, vocabulary acquisition, vocabulary aspects

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