A Comparative Study of Gratitude Speech Act between Persian and English Speakers

Atefeh Yoosefvand, Abbass Eslami Rasekh


This cross-cultural study presents a comparative investigation of the speech act of gratitude used by Persian and English speakers. This study aimed to investigate how native speakers of English and Persian would make gratitude in different situations. To achieve this aim, a discourse completion test (DCT) which introduced eleven natural situations was used and given to the participants of the study. Results indicated that according to statistical analysis of the data in this study, there were differences in the use of gratitude strategies between Persian and English speakers. In addition, Findings revealed that there were significant differences in the use of thanking, positive feeling, repayment and recognition of imposition strategies between Persian and English participants. Possible explanations are provided and the implications of the findings are discussed.


gratitude, gratitude strategies, speech act, culture, Persian speakers, English speakers

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