Examining the Relationship among Sense of Self-efficacy, Teaching Experience and Beliefs about Classroom Management: A case of Iranian EFL Teachers

Sima Safa, Behzad Ghonsooly


The present study aims to examine the relationship between EFL teachers’ self-efficacy and their classroom management style. This study investigated whether or not English teachers are different in classroom management styles and sense of self-efficacy. Participants included 100 EFL teachers who took part in this study. The study was limited to teachers who work in private institutes with the master’s degree. The findings revealed that there was a statistically significant positive relationship between instructors’ self-efficacy and their management styles. Moreover, their experience was associated with their levels of self-efficacy. Concerning the influence of being efficacious as a teacher, the results of this study will be beneficial for both the teachers and learners because of the fact that having enough experience leads to effective class management too.


teachers’ self-efficacy, classroom management, teaching experience

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