The Effect of Training in Word Recognition on Intermediate EFL Learners’ L2 Reading Comprehension Ability

Neda Rezaei, Zabih Ollah Javanbakht


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of training in strategies of word recognition and meaning in reading comprehension. A sample of 40 intermediate EFL learners who studied English in a language institute in Ahvaz, Iran were randomly selected for the study. Then, the learners were randomly assigned to two control and experimental groups. After taking the pretest, lexical items were taught to the experimental group during the treatment sessions. Afterward, the vocabulary knowledge of learners was measured by the posttest. The results of t-test showed that learners' reading comprehension ability enhanced on the posttest. Moreover, findings revealed that students in the word recognition class had better performance on posttests than learners in the control group.


L2 reading comprehension, word meaning, word recognition

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