Advertisement Techniques: A Contrastive Study between Single-Gender and Coeducational Institutes

Rrza Biria, Javad Boyer Hassani


The key role of advertisement cannot be ignored nowadays and when it comes to education it should be considered more academically, especially when these advertisements are to compensate some defects. In this paper a qualitative study was carried out on discourse differences among advertisement techniques on two different types of institutes; in fact, the study endeavored to scrutinize the different lexicon used to attract customers. To do so, some single-gender advertisements of English language institutes were chosen and subsequently compared with their mixed counterparts. Using DA, the researcher has tried to analyze the diversification of the advertising techniques applied by the mentioned institutes. The syntactic and pictorial as well as all semantic features have been taken into consideration. The study came to this conclusion that in both stimulating phrases were of a noticeable dissimilarity. However, it was found that there were some discourse differences which were fundamentally concerned with the gender as well as educational and financial background of the target institute. Some word-bound features have been seen in each case which are missing in the other one. The results of this study may be of a high significance to those who are involved in teaching language business and tend to exhibit an appropriate efficiency to the most potential candidates.


contrastive study, advertisements, advertising techniques, word-bound features

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