The Effect of Proficiency on Vocabulary Learning Strategy Use: A Case of Iranian English Translation Students

Mokhtar Faqih Noormohamadi, Zahra Amirian


The purpose of this study was to inspect the relationship between proficiency and overall vocabulary learning strategy use among Iranian English Translation students. At the beginning of the study, the questionnaire (Soodmand Afshar, 2010) was piloted on a group of Iranian English translation students. Drawing upon Soodmand Afshar’s (2010), subjects were divided into two groups of high and low proficient learners based on their academic records (GPA), and a translation exam.  The results of descriptive statistics and rank-ordering indicated that almost three out of five most and two out of five least frequently used strategies were commonly shared by students of all groups though their rank sometimes varied. The results of t-test also indicated that there were no significant differences between high and low proficient English translation students in the case of overall strategy use.


English translation students; language learning strategies; overall strategy use; vocabulary learning strategies

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