Critical Discourse Analysis of ‘People’s Son’ Story: A Micro- and Macro-Levels Analysis

Mojtaba Eghlidi


The present study has been carried out with the aim of critically analyzing a written discourse which is a story of an eminent Iranian writer, Jalal Al-e Ahmad (1948), entitled “People’s Son”. The story is recalling of a woman’s memory of leaving her three-year-old son in the street since his new husband did not accept to foster him because the child was her ex-husband’s son. To macro-level critical discourse analysis Hatch’s (1992) framework called theme utilized. Likewise, for the sake of micro-level critical discourse analysis the framework of cohesive devices introduced by Halliday and Hasan (1976), Farshidvard’s (1984) stylistic devices, and Shafaie’s (1984) synthetic patterns were applied.


critical discourse analysis, micro-level framework, macro-level framework, cohesive devices, stylistic devices, synthetic patterns

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