The Effect of Free-Writing on Iranian Young EFL Learners’ L2 Learning

Maryam Karimpour, Hanieh Davatgari Asl


Words are the most central actors in the process of language learning. The number of words you know is the determinant of your fluency in language use. Consequently, the current study which was conducted in one of the institutes of Iran aimed at investigating the role of free-writing in L2 vocabulary learning. The researcher picked 60 female learners and divided them into two groups of experimental and control, 30 in each group. The results provided strong support for the effectiveness of the free-writing in vocabulary learning. The mentioned role of free-writing might be due to the fact that when learners are free to write anything they like; they get more motivated. The increased motivation leads to a more relaxed atmosphere and thus enhances learning.


free-writing, Iranian young EFL learners, vocabulary learning

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