The Influence of New Technology Application on College Students’ Writing in Jordan

Mahmoud Ali Al-Qudah


This study examines the existence of the phenomenon of Chat Language among college students in some Jordanian universities. The concept of Chat Language (i.e., Internet slang, use of emoticons, and shorthand) will be analyzed through content analysis of college students’ writing and through a questionnaire for college students. Does Chat Language occur in the college students’ academic writing? Do students recognize the existence of Chat Language? It is clear that Chat Language needs to be addressed in the classroom. A sample of 100 college students’ writings were collected and analyzed in this study descriptively and analytically. The collection of the samples of students’ writing showed that Chat Language existed in the students’ academic writing. It would be helpful for all students to know of Chat Language’s impact or potential influence on their writing skills, and educators should discuss this issue to help all students reach this knowledge. Classroom awareness and instruction would help students effectively control or enhance the influence of Chat Language on Standard English Language through such things as the effective use of mini lessons and the evaluation and execution of various steps of the writing processes to improve students' written work.


chat language, technology, L2 writing

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