Iranian EFL learners' Perception of Learning Environment in English Language Institutes and its Relationship with Learners' English Proficiency

Maryam Jannati, Amin Marzban


The present study aimed to explore Iranian EFL learners' perception of leaning environment in English language institutes and its relationship with learners' English proficiency. The participants included 100 intermediate EFL learners (50 males and 50 females) aged 15 to 25 years. The instruments in this study included The What Is Happening in This Classroom (WIHIC) Questionnaire (Adolple, 2002) that was used to measure the participants’ perceptions of the language learning environment. In addition, a shortened version of a paper-based TOEFL was used to measure the participants' level of English proficiency. The results indicated that there was a significant relationship between Iranian EFL learners' perceptions of their preferred learning environment and their English proficiency level. Besides, the male and female participants’ perceptions of actual and preferred learning environment were significantly associated with their English proficiency level.


learning environment, learner perception, English proficiency

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