The Effect of Teaching and Learning Prepositions through Online Games on Iranian Elementary EFL learners

Khadijeh Jafarinejad, Mohsen Shahrokhi


This research was carried out to find out whether using internet online game had any effect on Iranian EFL learners’ proposition mastery. To do so, two samples of learners both male and female were selected as the control and the experimental groups. To check their homogeneity, a language proficiency test (proposition test) was administered as the pretest and it was proven that the students of both groups were at the same level of proficiency. Afterwards, the experimental group was taught through internet online game; while the control group was taught through ordinary method. There was a three-month treatment between the pretest and the posttest. When the three months of instruction ended, another proposition test, as the posttest, was administered to the participants of both groups to assess their proposition mastery. The results of independent samples t-tests showed that using internet online game was more effective than the other method of teaching preposition on the Iranian EFL learners. In addition, the obtained results showed that there was no difference between the performance of males and females after the treatment.


Preposition, EFL learners, Traditional methods of teaching

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