The Relationship between Iranian Pre-intermediate EFL Learners’ Persian Literacy Skills and English Writing

Jahanbakhsh Nikoopour, Soodabeh Tayyari


Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write, to use oral and written language in all aspects, and to critically and effectively use oral and written language for different purposes. This definition involves critical thinking about what one reads as well as expanding the term to encompass oral forms of literacy. There have always been controversies on the issue as whether language learners' literacy potential in their L1 could help them progress in their L2 skills. The present study attempted to find the relationship between EFL learners' L1 literacy skills and their L2 writing performance. To this end, three tests, designed to measure three variables, were administered to a sample of 62 EFL learners selected based on convenience sampling. Then, the researchers did the data entry and analyzed the data using statistical techniques. The results revealed that there was a significant positive correlation between EFL learners' L1 literacy skills and their L2 writing performance.  Further analysis of the data showed that the participants' gender made no significant difference in their L1 literacy skills and L2 writing performance.   


Persian literacy skills, English writing, gender

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