An Investigation into the Effectiveness of an ESP Course: A Case Study of Graduate Students of Psychology

Amir Mahdavi Zafarghandi, Masoud Khalili Sabet, Yasin Khoshhal Delijani


The present study investigated the efficiency of an ESP Course offered to Graduate Students of Psychology at Islamic Azad University of Tonekabon. To this end, a needs analysis was carried out to establish the major needs of the students and evaluate the course according to these needs. The need analysis was performed by administering a questionnaire at the beginning of the course the results of which were compared with those of a course evaluation at the end of the ESP program. The findings of these questionnaires indicated that the students felt that they needed the language to improve their test scores first, and then to read and write academic articles. The evaluation of the course also distinguished the efficient parts of the program and identified the parts which needed major or minor adaptations. In this regard, the course book seemed insufficient and incompatible with the students’ needs, although teacher’s presentation was believed to be comprehensive. The ESP course therefore requires modification both in the material, and in some particular techniques to help students achieve their objectives.


ESP, effectiveness, needs analysis, syllabus

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