The Influence of Concept Mapping on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Argumentative Essay Writing Skill

Niloufar Jafari, Gholam Reza Zarei


This study aimed to investigate the effects of concept mapping strategy on Iranian EFL learners’ argumentative essay writing skill. This work, employing an experimental methodology, was conducted among 60 adult EFL learners from a language institute in Isfahan, Iran. The participants, who were selected based on the result of a preliminary test, were assigned to an experimental and a control group. Each group consisted of 30 students with the same level of language proficiency. While the control group received no special treatment, students in the experimental group took part in concept mapping instruction for 5 weeks with two ninety-minute sessions each week. A writing essay which was used as both pre and post-tests examined the student’s progress. Results revealed that instruction had a significant effect on the students’ essay writing skill in the experimental Group. In contrast, no considerable change was observed for the students in the control group. Therefore, based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that concept mapping strategy instruction is much influential in promoting students’ argumentative essay writing.


argumentative writing, strategy instruction, concept mapping

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