Recipient Design in Students’ Speaking and Writing: Some Practical Suggestions for Pedagogy

Cihat Atar


This paper aims to review the role of recipient design in interaction (speaking and writing) in second language classrooms and how the review can be used to offer some practical applications in second language classrooms will be discussed. Context and language are in a reflexive relation in communication (Vaez-Dalili, Morsagh, & Shirzade, 2017). The role of shared knowledge and the organization of information in a context are indispensable parts of meaningful interaction. Accordingly, in this study recipient design, as a part of context, will be introduced via a literature review. Then, considering pedagogical goals, some suggestions will be made regarding how to incorporate context and the recipient design in second language classrooms and three pedagogical activities that can be used in second language classrooms will be provided.


context, the recipient design, pedagogy, shared knowledge

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