Translation and Critical Discourse Analysis: Contribution of Applying CDA in Analysis of Translated Texts

Shabnam Karimian Sichani, Bahram Hadian


The present study tries to look at how critical discourse analysis might be beneficial in the investigation of ideological and discursive issues in translation and also to illustrate how ideologies lead to significant and maybe effective mediation in translated texts. For the sake of this study “coming up for air†written by George Orwell (1939) as well as two translations were selected. One of them is translated by Rooshanfekr (1390), TT1, and the other by Saeednia (1372), TT2. As the Chi-Square test indicated, there were no significant differences between the two translation’s adopted strategies in order to render aforementioned syntactic structures.


critical discourse analysis, translation, ideology, systemic functional grammar, syntactic structures

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