An Analysis of Vocabulary Acquisition of a 24-month Iranian Child

Parisa Etela


This study deals with an Iranian child’s first language acquisition and is going to measure the words development of the child as a case study through counting the words he produced on the period of 7 days before his second birthday. A child, 24 months old, will be studied through transcripts and audio over the course of a week. The materials used for this study were one voice recorder for recording the child’s audio and paper and pencil for the observer to write down produced words by the child. The strategies used in order to handle the study were transcription and observation in order to count the words easier and also more accurate. Results of the study revealed that this child is able to produce more than other children in previous studies had been done by other researchers up to now. Another aspect of result revealed that the child produced one word instead of other for example use an animal name for calling more than one.


first language, acquisition, vocabulary, child

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