Advantages and Disadvantages of Input-flood through Watching Movies on Learning English: A Case Study

Raziyeh Ebrahimi, Ali Asghar Kargar, Arash Zareian


This case study was focused on advantages and disadvantages of the use of movies in improving participants’ language skills. The aim of this case study was to investigate the EFL learners' attitudes toward the effectiveness of an input-flood language learning and what obstacles EFL learners may face during research time. To achieve this goal, two female intermediate learners, who were learning English as a foreign language (EFL), participated in the study. Data for this case study was collected through qualitative means from the participants. During research time, the participants watched English movies with and without subtitles as much as possible and wrote their diaries. Analyzing participants’ dairies showed that Input-flood through English Movies had many advantages and disadvantages on language learning.


input-flood, watching movies, learning English

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