The Impact of ER-IR Approach on the Improvement of Saudi EFL Learners: An Intervention Study

Mohammed Hassan Abdel Rahman Ibrahim, Rafizah Mohammed Rawian


This intervention study is an attempt to investigate the impact of ER-IR Approach on the enhancement of Unified Scientific Track learners' EFL in Ula Branch, Taibah University, KSA. Twenty participants were selected from fresh university students and divided equally into experiment and control groups. A mixed method (quantitative and qualitative) design was implemented; achievement tests and structured interview were used as effective measures for collecting data. Pre-tests and post-tests were administered to gather quantitative information followed by an in-depth interview which conducted for six participants to collect qualitative information in form of learners' opinions towards ER-IR Approach and its effects on their reading skills. The findings showed that ER-IR Method strongly encouraged learners to gain successful progress and sufficient knowledge of their EFL learning.  


extensive reading, intensive reading, ER-IR Approach, EFL learners

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