The Impact of Exposure to English Language on Language Acquisition

Samer Mahmoud Al Zoubi


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of exposure to English language on language acquisition. The participants of this study were 42 EFL students chosen randomly from the Department of English Language and Literature at Ajloun National University, Jordan. The students were given five sets of Likert scale type of questionnaire as the instrument of this study that consisted of 22 items. The results yielded the following results: Firstly, there was a strong impact of exposure to English language on language acquisition as the overall means was high reached (3.72). Secondly, there is a statistically significant correlation between exposure to language and developing the four language skills since the p value is (0.228), which is greater than the significant level (p>0.05). Finally, the researcher recommended that students should be continually exposed to the English language through watching English movies and program, surfing the internet, listening to radio, reading English books ,magazines ,newspapers, and practicing English language with native speakers on a daily basis to encourage them overcoming their weaknesses and improving their fluency as well as proficiency in acquiring English language. Moreover, teachers and parents should raise learners’ awareness towards the importance of learning English language through exposure to the language daily using different techniques that can enhance second language acquisition.


language acquisition, language exposure, language skills

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