The Place of Alternatives in Assessment (Portfolios and Conferencing) in High Schools and Universities of Iran

Mohammad Jalali Banzarki


Today we can see the great tendency of teachers to use alternatives in assessment rather than the traditional assessments. With this background, the purpose of this study is to know the real place of alternatives in assessment especially portfolios and conferencing in Iran educational settings namely high schools and universities, to investigate to what extent our instructors are generally familiar with these two modes, and to understand whether they use these new ways or not. To obtain data for this research, it has been referred to 164 teachers and instructors in different fields of study in different high schools and universities. The researcher used a simple inventory questionnaire, which was prepared by the researcher and the help of one his instructors. The results showed that high school teachers are more familiar with portfolios, but they utilized it less than university instructors, familiarity and use of conferencing in university instructors are also more than high school teachers.


alternatives in assessment, portfolios, conferences

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