The Power of Video Materials in EFL Classroom from the Perspectives of Teachers and Students

Iman Abbas


This study is addressing the utilization of video materials as an essential strategy in the process of materials design within the area of EFL/ESL teaching. The study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the utilization of video materials in EFL classroom, and exploring the reason(s) of incorporating video materials into the EFL classroom from the perspectives of teachers and students. The study draws on the paradigm of interpretivism employing its epistemology and philosophy as an underpinning stance. For gaining thick information, the researcher used the method of semi-structured interviews with teacher and student sample. Interpretations of data showed that teachers and students as well are highly interested in the utilization of video materials in the EFL classroom due to certain reasons. Based on the findings of data analysis, the study offers a number of implications and suggestions that are of value for teachers who are involved in the process of ELT.


material design, material development, video materials

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