Omani EFL Teachers' and Students' Views on the Current Practices of the Student's Portfolio

Eman Saleh Al-Kindi, Abdo Mohamed Al-Mekhlafi, Saleh Salim Al-Busaidi


The present study aimed to investigate EFL teachers' and students' views on the current practices of the student's portfolio in terms of teacher's purposes, students' purposes, teachers' roles and students' roles. The study sample included 953 EFL students and 258 teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. Data was collected using questionnaires. The major findings of the present study were that both teachers and students used the student’s portfolio for achieving a variety of purposes; however, the roles that they played might not lead to the achievement of these purposes. Generally speaking, teachers rarely played their roles in implementing the student's portfolio. The results indicated that teachers hardly prepared their students to implement the student’s portfolio and they assessed their students' portfolios at a moderate level. Regarding students, it was found that the students rarely participated in making decisions about their portfolios and they rarely prepared themselves to complete the portfolios. The most frequent role that they played in preparing their portfolios was to keep all materials, tasks and activities in their portfolios.


portfolio, implementation, teachers' role, students' role

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