Different Strategies Omani EFL Learners Use to Decode ‎English Idiomatic Expressions

Musallam Said Al Mahri, Rais Ahmed Attamimi


This research project was undertaken to further explore how Omani students experience and learn English idiomatic expressions. English major students at Dhofar University were selected to fill out a rating scale questionnaire for the purpose of identifying the strategies they employ to learn English idiomatic expressions. Based on the prevailing results, the responses given by the sample of the present study were compared to the responses given by other Arab EFL learners as reported in similar previous studies. By identifying the most common strategies used by the students included in this research, English language teachers would be able to identify which strategies should be encouraged among students to use and what strategies they should avoid using within the context of the study.


English, learning, EFL, idioms, strategies, Omani students

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