The Effect of Using British Council BBC Learning English Application on the Tenth Grade EFL Students' Listening and Speaking Skills and their Attitudes toward it

Hasan Seitan Khashan, Ali Farhan AbuSeileek


The current search aimed to investigate the effect of using BBC Learning English Application on developing 10th grade students' listening and speaking skills and their attitudes toward it. The participants of the study consisted of 46 students from the 10th grade students studying at Al-Mashari Secondary School for Boys at the Northern Valley Directorate of Education. The students were already divided into two sections. The first was assigned as the experimental group that was subjected to using BBC Learning English Application and the other group was the control one which was taught using the regular instructional method. Each group consisted of 23 students. The quasi-experimental design including pre-post-test was used in the study, and the questionnaire was also applied to the experimental group. Statistical treatment was carried out. Findings revealed that there were statistically differences at a= 0.05 between the means of both groups on the students' listening and speaking post-test in favor of the experimental group. The findings also revealed that most students' responses were "strongly agree" and "agree". This indicated that using BBC Learning English Application had positive impact on students' attitude. Accordingly, the researchers recommended integrating BBC Learning English Application in teaching listening and speaking skills to learn the language because of its effect on developing students' listening and speaking skills.


BBC Learning English Application, EFL, Listening, Speaking, EFL students' attitude

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