The Effect of Topic Interest on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability

Sharareh Ebrahimi, Zabih Ollah Javanbakht


The present study investigated the effect of topic interest on Iranian EFL learners' reading comprehension ability. In order to reach this aim, an experimental method was designed for data collection. Ten EFL students were randomly selected in order to find how much the learners are interested in reading texts. They answered an interest survey which was designed for this purpose. Based on students' responses regarding their interests in reading texts, three most interested topics were given to the control group and three least interested topics were given to the experimental group. The reading texts were taught to learners in three sessions and learners answered their comprehension questions. The students' scores were collected and submitted for data analysis. The result of t-test showed that there is a significant difference between experimental and control group in their performance on reading comprehension texts.


interest, topic interest, reading comprehension, Iranian EFL learners

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