Attitudes of EFL Learners and Instructors towards the Application of Power Point Presentation in Iranian Classroom Context

Abdollah Mohsenzadeh, Amin Marzban, Seyed Foad Ebrahimi


This study intends to find out the attitudes of EFL learners and instructors concerning the use of power point presentation in teaching and learning. To this end, 40 learners and 10 instructors were selected as participants. The learners and instructors were given questionnaires including 10 and 15 items, respectively. The results indicated that both learners and instructors have positive attitudes towards the use of power point presentations in teaching and learning as conducted in EFL classrooms. The results also illustrated that EFL learners and instructors, especially the participants in this study, are in need of being familiarized with the use of technology in general and power point presentation in particular while teaching and learning. The results of this study could contribute to our understanding of the barriers which would hinder the application of technology in teaching and learning in the EFL context as focused by modern ELT approaches and methods.


power point presentation, EFL learner and instructor, CALL, attitude

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