A Case Study of Translation of Taboo Words Based on Anthony Pym's Model

Nooshin Nasery, Kian Pishkar


This study shows that literary writings have their own features and these features distinguish them from other writings. Translation of especial features of literary text needs familiarity with cultural, linguistic and semantic features. Simin Daneshvar's Suvashun as a postmodern Iranian novel and as an outstanding literary masterpiece is full of literary terms and one of them is the taboo that has been used so many times in it. Translation of taboo words needs great cultural familiarity with L1and L2by the translator and this paper tries to consider Translation of taboo words in Ganoonparvar’s requires a great attention and this thesis tries to analyze the correctness, possibility and acceptability of these kinds which needs transferring of correct cultural elements that translation of Simin Daneshvar's Suvashun as a postmodern Iranian novel is full of them and their translation for transferring these special correct cultural elements in target language is a very difficult task.


Suvashun, translation, taboo words, Pym's model

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