The Relationship between Self-regulatory Development, Language Learners’ Metacognitive Awareness and L2 Reading Comprehension of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners

Maryam Khodaverdian, Shahin Sheikh, Fereidoun Vahdany


This research studied the relationship between self-regulatory development, language learners’ metacognitive awareness and L2 reading comprehension of Iranian intermediate EFL learners. The purpose of this research was to investigate whether learners were able to reliably regulate their own reading comprehension or not. Sixty participants were selected based on a simple random sampling from the 75 students by Chocran’s Sample size formula. The students were asked to answer the questionnaire developed by Kanfer (1970a, and 1970b) and Schraw, & Dennison (1994).These questionnaires consisted of 63 and 52 items respectively. The reading comprehension test was run to investigate whether there was any relationship between self-regulation and reading comprehension. Pearson correlation was 0.303 in this study. Results revealed that there was strong relationship between reading comprehension and self-regulation. The findings also revealed that there was large relationship between metacognitive awareness and reading comprehension but there was not any relationship between self-regulation and metacognitive awareness. The study could have implications for English language teachers, learners and text book writers.


self-regulation, reading comprehension, metacognitive awareness

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