The Impact of Infographics on Iranian EFL Learners' Grammar Learning

Neda Rezaei, Sima Sayadian


Improving grammatical knowledge has always been a major concern to EFL learners, so far much effort, devoted to enhance grammatical knowledge in different methods. Now, it is time to forget the stereotypical methods of grammatical learning which rarely engage the readers’ mind in the learning process and focus their attention on utilizing multimedia and visualizations in form of infographics in grammar learning. The present study was designed to explore the impact of infographics instruction on Iranian EFL learners’ grammar learning based on the researcher's motivation to find empirical evidences in Iranian English language learners. The grammar instruction was provided through two methods; one, through the infographics instruction, and the other, through routine and traditional techniques. On the basis of the result of paired sample t-test, it was found that infographic instruction was an effective instrument to help EFL learners learn foreign language grammar.


Grammar learning, visualizations, infographics

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