The Effects of Direct vs. Indirect Corrective Feedback on Iranian EFL Learners' Writing Accuracy

Elham Almasi, Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi


This paper reports a quasi-experimental study investigating the effect of different types of teacher written corrective feedback on Iranian EFL learners’ writing accuracy. To do so, 80 Iranian learners of English were assigned into three groups direct corrective feedback (DF), indirect corrective feedback (IF), and no feedback (NF). During eight treatment sessions, the students in the DF and IF treatment groups received comprehensive direct or indirect corrective feedback while the control group did not receive any feedback. After 10 sessions of treatment, the post-test of writing was administered to check the learners’ writing development. Results revealed that DF group significantly outperformed the other two groups.


corrective feedback, direct feedback, feedback, indirect feedback, writing skill

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