Critical Pedagogy and Its Realization in Classroom Context

Mehdi Shokouhi, Farnaz Pashaie


Critical pedagogy with the aim of theorizing practice and practicing theory has proved itself to be of great value; but the application of critical pedagogy is an issue which has to be handled and scrutinized with meticulous care. Throughout the present paper, first a definition of critical pedagogy with its theoretical underpinnings is given. Afterwards, the application of critical pedagogy in classroom context and the ways through which critical pedagogy can be recognized in classroom context are brought into consideration. Some techniques of applying critical pedagogy in the classroom are also introduced. Finally, the present paper argues that how the selection of topics which are both socially and individually of great value and importance and also meaningful to students can function as a strategy for the realization of critical pedagogy in the classroom context.


critical pedagogy, praxis, problem-posing education

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