The Relationship among ELT Students' Speaking Accuracy and Fluency and Teachers' Oral Skill Class Presentation

Sakineh Karimy, Kian Pishkar


This paper is a report of a study on speaking fluency performed by six low level students using retelling technique. The aim of the study is to find out the effect of retelling on the students’ speaking fluency and to know the strategies used by those students while retelling a story. The data were the speaking transcripts which were analyzed to see the progress after six-time treatment was given. The result reveals that the speaking fluency of the students increased in some areas as shown by the improvement on their vocabulary and comprehensibility. The result of this study may be used for promoting the students’ speaking accuracy and fluency in high schools and universities where their teachers try to Speak English for presenting their lessons.


fluency, speaking, accuracy, class presentation, oral skill

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