The Effect of Using Task-Based Activities on Narrative Writing Performance of EFL Learners with Different Personality Types

Setareh Abbasi


The present research is an attempt to provide new evidence for the efficacy of Task-Based Activities on narrative writing performance of Iranian Introvert vs. Extrovert EFL Learners. The primary focus of the study is to investigate the effect of task-based activities as like tasks of class discussion and mind mapping which may develop EFL learners’ writing of English as a foreign language. In the second place, it tried to scrutinize the amount of effect of these activities on writing proficiency of Extrovert vs. Extrovert learners. For this purpose, 100 male intermediate Iranian EFL learners were chosen from a total number of 133 and assigned into four groups (two experimental and two controls) through their performance on a sample pre-test of Nelson. The target learners of this research were learners of Shokouh foreign languages institute in Tabriz, Iran. Data were collected through pre and post-test writing descriptive essays to find any progress at end of the treatment session. Data were analyzed through two-way ANOVA and Paired Samples t-tests. The results of the statistical analysis demonstrated that the experimental groups outperformed control groups while the more impact was on extrovert than introvert learners. The results of the study can have significant implications for EFL teachers, learners, researchers, policy makers and syllabus designers.


task-based activities, personality type, introvert, extrovert, narrative writing

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