The Impact of Digital Item Presentation on the Intermediate Level Language Learners’ Testing Performance and Attitudes towards Onscreen Test in Private Language Learning Context

Hooshang Khoshsima, Seyyed Morteza Hashemi Toroujeni, Farzane Safarzade Samani


Advances in technology and techniques of using technological tools and equipment have always had an impressive and significant role in the development of human life from their inception. Using technological assessment tools to create tests, test takers’ performance can be practically assessed through computer based simulations, item and item bank creation and also scoring process. Use of computer in language testing has resulted in the birth of independent discipline named Computer-Based Testing (CBT). The issue that currently needs more attention and prompt investigation of researchers is to study the testing mode effects on comparability and equivalency of the data obtained from two modes of presentation, i.e., traditional Paper-and-Pencil-Based Testing (PBT) and computerized tests. Furthermore, inevitable questions about test takers’ reactions and attitudes towards computerized version of test are raised after the introduction of CBT. Then, findings of the study, based on the results obtained from running paired-samples t-test and Pearson correlation, revealed that the scores of language learners of Adrina Language Academy were not different in both modes and the computer attitude external variable was not also considered variable that might affect students’ performance on CBT. Additionally, it was also concluded that although test takers outperformed on PBT version of the test, they formed positive attitudes towards the use of computer in testing after taking this kind of the test. Based on the encouraging results of the study, it can be optimistically concluded that computerized version of the test can be considered as a favorable alternative technique for the undergraduate students of public universities in Iran.


computer attitudes; computer attitude scale; testing performance

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