The Relationship between Self-Esteem and Test-Taking Strategies and Their Relation with Test Performance of Iranian EFL Learners

Emad Khosravani, Fariba Zanjani, Zahra Shahmohammadi Najafabadi


This study examined the relationship between self-esteem and test-taking strategies of Iranian EFL learners. It also investigated the likely relationship between participants’ self-esteem and test-taking strategies with learners’ language proficiency. Fifty Iranian learners studying English as a foreign language participated in this paper. They were at intermediate level and included both male and female students. All the participants were asked to complete a self-esteem questionnaire and a test-taking strategy questionnaire. The learners’ language proficiency was examined through their performance on final exam. The findings of this study revealed that the learners’ self-esteem had significant correlation with their test –taking strategies. The findings of the current paper demonstrated test-taking strategy and self-esteem had significant relationship with the participants’ language proficiency in EFL learners’ learning process.


self-esteem, test-taking strategy, language proficiency

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