The Impact of Task-based Language Teaching on Listening Skill of Iranian EFL Learners

Najmeh Maghsoudi, Mohammad Golshan


The present study was an attempt to examine the influence of two task types (labelling and form-filling) on listening ability among Iranian EFL learners. To this end, two intact classes (sixty-three freshman EFL learners) at Islamic Azad University of Kerman, Iran, were selected as the participants of the study. One class was chosen as the control and the other one as the experimental group. The experimental group received task-based instruction for listening activities (labelling and form-filling) whereas control group followed the traditional way of approaching listening activities. The instruments for this study included Nelson Straightforward Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Placement Test and two different types of labelling and form-filling listening tasks used as pre-test and post-test. During the treatment sessions, the participants were instructed on the appropriate strategies to successfully deal with the tasks. After the data collection, independent samples t-tests and paired samples t-tests were conducted. The result of the independent samples t-tests indicated that labelling task had an effect on listening ability of the learners. Furthermore, the result of paired samples t-tests revealed that the students in the experimental group showed a better performance in their post-test than their pre-test. The study achieved important implications for English teachers as well as syllabus designers.


task-based language teaching (TBLT), listening skill, EFL learners

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