Academic Discourse Personality

Alıyeva Gunay Dilgam


Now that academic discourse assumes the interaction of teachers and students, it presents specific interest. This paper deals with the investigation academic discourse personality types. Various approaches and aspects of discourse personality are analyzed in this article. It is stated in the article that the academic discourse is meant to be the speech system basing on academic branches. The content signs of the academic discourse also include the distinguishing features of teachers’ and students’ behavior in the teaching process. The paper touches upon the interactive relations of teachers and students in the academic discourse as well. The typicality of academic discourse is derived from the unique distinction making activity which is associated with the analytical or logical mode of experience. Besides, the paper highlights that academic discourse requires the doers to perform things with language like explanation, definition, comparison, contrast, classification, agreement, disagreement, illustration, elaboration, making claims, seeing implications, inference, exemplifying, anticipating, and conclusion.


discourse personality, academic discourse, extravert, introvert, linguistic personality

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