Difficulties in Inter-Lingual Subtitling and Strategies to Deal with: English Subtitling into Persian on Hacksaw Ridge and Logan

Elham Khojasteh


This paper examines the obstacles in translating inter-lingual subtitling, and then suggests some weighty theoretical strategies to deal with such difficulties from English translation into Persian. The present study makes an effort to analyze ten main strategies such as Expansion, Paraphrase, Transfer, Imitation, Transcription, Dislocation, Condensation, Decimation, Deletion and Resignation (Gottlieb, 1992). This study is a corpus-based, comparative, descriptive and non-judgmental analysis of English-Persian parallel corpus. Moreover, this research is comprised of English audio scripts of two American movies with Persian subtitles. The result indicates that Gottlieb’s (1992) proposed strategies are applicable, and the most frequent strategies are Transfer with %76 and Paraphrase with %54 on both movies.


Cultural bounds, Lexical gaps, Source Language (SL), Target Language (TL)

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