Aesthetic Approach towards Similarities and Dissimilarities between Stylistics and Literary Criticism in Robert Frosts Ice and Fire.

Amira Hasan Ahmed Saad, Jayanthi Rajendran


Through a content analysis of poetry, Stylistic Studies and Literary Criticism, demonstrate the relation that exists between different aspects of these two fields. There is also a close connection between stylistics and literary criticism which is inevitable in analyzing a text or a work. Many works of criticism are constructed on data analyses of stylistic studies, and analyzing status of the two fields literary criticism and stylistics could pave the way for better classification of them. This study can be considered for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis conceals theoretical and practical fields. While on the other hand Qualitative analysis can be chosen according to a limited element or the styles in the poem.  In comparison, literary criticism can transform from descriptive nature into analytic part based on the analysis of data but stylistics can consider works as representations of individuality and the personality of the author.  Although the studies on stylistics and criticism, which in some situations follow the same theoretical or social discourse, seems to have parallel connection, at the same time there are also some differences between these two fields. In fact, there are more widespread impartial and independent theories and approaches that are predominant in literary criticism when compared to the works of stylistics. Apparently, stylistic studies, on the other hand, are not independent, it depends on the language, style and form of the poetry. A wide range of texts, genres and registers is studied stylistically with increasing numbers mixing qualitative and qualitative methodologies together.


stylistics, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, theoretical discourse, literary criticism

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