The Effect of Reading Short English Stories on Learning New Vocabulary for YUC Female Students in Junior Level

Afnan Abdulaziz Qmusnai, Nadia Maroof


The aim of the research was to investigate the effect of reading short English story on learning new vocabulary for YUC female students at junior year. YUC junior year students have some difficulties in learning new vocabulary. Since some methods are arid and traditional. Moreover, they will not be interested in learning vocabulary. As a result, they will feel bored and the words they have learned will be forgotten. The researcher used a quantitative approach to collect data from an experimental group, and the researcher collected the data through a questionnaire. The research project took place at YUC female students’ campus. The participants of the research were 25 female students from YUC campus at the junior level. The participants’ age was between 20-23 years old. Their English level was intermediate. The researcher added short English story above the questionnaire’s paper, after the participant read the story, they marked the new vocabulary and translated them. Also, they combined them in short sentences. The result showed significant effectiveness of reading short English story in learning new vocabulary.


Reading, English Stories, Vocabulary

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